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Shipping plays a key role in the World market and it is without question the backbone of International trade. Without Ships and the transportation services they provide, the world would not be as prosperous as it is today. Undeniably the growth of the new global economy and trade is now being driven by Asian countries, we are confident that Myanmar will play a vital role in this growth. Myanmars international trade and commerce is already becoming an important part of the trade market, with increasing opportunity for expansion.

We at Bay Line Shipping have already begun our work to ensure that we keep you, our customers at pace with this expansion. With our experience in the shipping industry and our over 16 years in Myanmar we will undoubtedly provide you with the highest level or professionalism in the market. As one of Myanmars leading shipping companies we also seek to continuously expand our services and their quality.

Company History:

Companys Managing Director stationed in Myanmar since 1998, involving in shipping Business i.e., Agency, Chartering, Shipping Management , Freight Forwarding and Shipping Logistics. Bay Line Shipping Pte Ltd is formed in year 2007 with its Head Office in Singapore and Branch office in Yangon under same Managing Director.

Since the establishment, Bay Line is the leading shipping company in Break-Bulk shipping by providing its customers with efficient, reliable and valued added services between Myanmar and major ports in India, Bangladesh, Far East & Africa. Bay Line Shipping has worked for the growth of the company and for customers satisfaction through their extensive services and gained major market share. With the strong support from customers, Bay Line Shipping has successfully operating business activities with long trusted efficient agents and principals across the region.

As for the freight forwarding Sector- in 2000, company started Freight Forwarding Business as agent of Emery World Wide. In 2002, subsequently EMERY
merged with MENLO worldwide and later MENLO merged with UPS at the end of 2004. UPS also appointed us exclusive agent in Myanmar. Through the
introduction of UPS. Bay Line Shipping also became the agent of TRADIA Corporation via UPS. Due to US embargo to Myanmar in 2007, UPS terminated
all operations in Myanmar from June 2008. But we have direct contract with Tradia Corporation and become the sole Myanmar agent of Tradia
Corporation and her networks in Freight Forwarding and Shipping Logistics fields worldwide.

Management Team:

Bay Line Shipping is proudly lead by our Managing Director, Capt. Quamruddin Ahmed, a leader and visionary in the world of East Asian shipping for over
16 years. From the top down and from the bottom up, Bay Line shipping has a vast cadre of seasoned professionals, with un-paralleled experience in
their respective fields of shipping, management, broker services, imports and exports. It is our teams vast experience that keeps Bay Line Shipping
constantly evolving, achieving and delivering for our clients at the highest level of professionalism.




Break Bulk Liner Service:
In 2007 Bay Line Shipping started providing its customers with reliable transportation services of break bulk cargos between Myanmar and India. Since
then our area of service has expanded to include countries in the Far East, South East Asia and Africa, specializing in the break bulk cargo transportation
of Timber wood products.

Despite a decline in the world market in recent years, Bay Line Shipping has maintained a strong presence. We have done so by balancing our sales
and expanding shipments, proudly transporting 10,400,154 MT of cargo utilizing 546 break bulk liner vessels from 2007 to 2014 averaging about 1
million tons every year across 10 major ports.

C & F:
Clearing and forwarding is the international trades most important area of service. It is because of that we will continuously extend this service to you,
our valued clients and strive to achieve the most reliable and efficient service possible.

Tramping Service:
In order to provide a vast array of services and to fulfill our clients needs, we provide tramping services to our clients.

Customs Brokers:
As part of our services, Bay Line takes care of your necessary documentation, the declaration and examination of the cargo as well assist in the duties
and excises. We proudly extend our services to include door-to-door receipt and delivery of the goods to you, our valued customers.
Global Network:
We successfully operate and deliver our services to you and are honored to do so alongside our long trusted and efficient agents across the world.

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Established 2007
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