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Welcome to Advance Marine & Logistics Pte Ltd ( also referred to as AML )
We are in the trading of ISO shipping containers ( dry vans ), refrigerated containers (reefers) as well as the other range of shipping & general containers. We offer containers in the Far East region as well as other locations, as and when such containers are available. We welcome all enquiries.
AML is a Singapore based company formed in 2005 and at the end of that year, through our parent company, Eastern (1961) Co Pte Ltd., we acquired a sizable quantity of about 8,000 units of mixed size i.e. 20GP & 40GP & HC, from a major carrier disposal containers. The containers were spread over a wide range in the operating areas of the line. AML then coordinated and managed the sale and progressive release of all the containers.
We participate in stock lot sale and/or purchase of containers and we are receptive to & welcome joint participation in such purchase & sales activities. We have the experience and are in a position to offer & act as sales & co-ordinating centre for such activities.
In addition to buying & selling activities, we also lease our reefer and dry containers.
Locally, we have exclusive arrangements with three container depots and would be glad to offer and assist you with your requirement. In this area, we can also help you with modifications, storage, repair and transport of containers.


Products & Services

We append herewith the main container types & the general specifications.
Reefer Machinery
Type of Reefer Containers :

Carrier Daikin Mitsubishi Starcool Thermo King
20? 86?
40? High Cubes
There are following heights available:
8? 6? : which means height H: 2,210 mm
9? 6? : which means height H: 2,509 mm
Container Type Sizes Door Dimension Tare Weight in kg/lbs CBM Cu.Ft. Payload Kgs./Lbs.
20? reefer L :5,440mm
H :2,237mm W:2,350
H:2,2390 3,290kg.
7.253 Lbs. 27,9cbm
986cu.ft. 24.250 kgs.
40? reefer High Cube L:11,577mm
H :2,509mm W:2,290
H:2,535 4,600kg.
10,141Lbs. 67,0cbm
2,366cu.ft. 28.350 kgs.
20? GP L :5,440mm
W :2,294mm
H :2,237mm W:2,330
H:2,2390 2,750kg.
6.062 Lbs. 27,9cbm
986cu.ft. 24.250 kgs.
40? HC L :11,577mm
H :2,210mm W:2,350
H:2,2390 3,950kg.
8.708Lbs. 58,7cbm
2,073cu.ft. 28.550 kgs.
Please note that contents & data mentioned herein are for general information & reference. If you require exact & accurate information, you should make enquiry with regard to the specific container / product.
Standard Ocean Container Dimensions

INSIDE LENGTH 194? 5.89 m
INSIDE WIDTH 78? 2.33 m
INSIDE HEIGHT 710? 2.38 m
DOOR WIDTH 78? 2.33 m
DOOR HEIGHT 76? 2.28 m
CAPACITY 1,172 ft 33.18 m
TARE WEIGHT 4,916 lb 2,229 kg
MAX. CARGO 47,999 lb 21,727 kg
INSIDE LENGTH 395? 12.01 m
INSIDE WIDTH 78? 2.33 m
INSIDE HEIGHT 710? 2.38 m
DOOR WIDTH 78? 2.33 m
DOOR HEIGHT 76? 2.28 m
CAPACITY 2,390 ft 67.67 m
TARE WEIGHT 8,160 lb 3,701 kg
MAX. CARGO 59,040 lb 26,780 kg
INSIDE LENGTH 194? 12.01 m
INSIDE WIDTH 78? 2.33 m
INSIDE HEIGHT 810 2.69 m
DOOR WIDTH 78? 2.33 m
DOOR HEIGHT 85? 2.56 m
CAPACITY 2,694 ft 76.28 m
TARE WEIGHT 8,750 lb 3,968 kg
MAX. CARGO 58,450 lb 26,512 kg
Contact Us
Advance Marine & Logistics Pte Ltd
Address : 70 Anson Road #26-05
HUB Synergy Point
Singapore 079905
Telephone : + 65 6222 5028 / 6222 5023
Fax : + 65 6222 5086
Contact details :
Mr Willi Ong
mobile: +65 9751 3299
Ms Renith
mobile: +65 9751 3199
All containers sold are subject to our companys policy and standard terms and condition of sale which is available upon request. It is important to note that all prices quoted exclude insurance, taxes and maintenance. For containers sold in Singapore, all prices quoted are subject to government GST rate ruling at time of sale. If containers are for export, invoice can be GST free but confirmation is required that units are exported out of Singapore. This can be evidenced by Bill of Lading and/or export documentation. For containers sold outside Singapore, all destination local taxes, levies, surcharges and import permit and clearances are for the arrangement and account of buyer.
Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in these pages, the contents are subject to review and change from time to time. All information provided on AML web pages is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract between AML and any person or entity unless otherwise specified. Information on official AML web pages is subject to change without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, AML makes no guarantees of any kind. If you believe that any material presented in this Web site infringes the Copyright laws, please contact us with full details of the alleged infringement and your mailing address, telephone number, and if available, your e-mail address so that we can contact you about the Copyright violation.
We are in the sale & leasing of Dry Vans (GPs) and refrigerated container (Reefers) and gen-sets for cold storage of

Registration No.200509881M
Established 2005
Staff 3
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